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What is UGC Creator and 3 Steps to Become One in 2024

UGC content creators

When I grow up, I want to be a UGC creator. When asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up? Rather than selecting for typical career alternatives, people are now going for these offbeat careers. UGC stands for user generated content which is organic content  created by consumers that aids in the promotion of brands' goods and services. 

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What is a UCG Creator?

The sponsored content produced by UGC content creators aids in promoting the products or services of the brand. UGC content form is the same as the content created by the brands but it is produced by influencers, creators or customers which creates a huge impact in influencing the purchasing decision of the buyers.

UGC looks authentic which gives a natural and engaging experience. Displaying authentic content builds social proof, increases engagement, boosts ROI, and promotes word-of-mouth marketing to peers. UGC may include reviews, demonstrations, testimonials, unboxing videos and how to use videos. It is the most effective social media marketing strategy that helps in raising brand awareness which in turn boosts sales.

Why is UGC more useful for the Brands?

UGC helps the brand to create a compelling experience which results in increasing the click- through and conversion rates.

Lulus, a women's clothing company, used UGC by displaying the images of people wearing their clothes. This helped the brand in driving more sales as people were able to resonate with the brand. 

The "Share a Coke Campaign" by Coca-Cola was a big hit. The company printed the most common names on the bottles and asked the people to share it with their loved ones. People actively participated in this campaign sharing the pictures of bottles on social media. This helped in promoting brand awareness and enhancing sales. 

Share a Coke Campaign

Benefits of Using UGC Creators in Brand Marketing

  1. Influencing Purchasing Decisions: 50% of the people prefer buying a product on the recommendation of their family or friends. UGC serves as social proof that the product you're selling is worthwhile. When people witness others using your product/ services, they may get influenced which might affect their purchasing decision.

  1. Driving Sales: UGC helps in driving sales because consumers find it relatable. Many brands have experienced a 2x spike in their sales after embedding UGC on their websites and social media platforms. In addition, UCG creators contribute to brand exposure, which eventually boosts conversions.

  1. Cost Effective: UCG creators are cost-effective when compared to major influencer campaigns. Brands don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring creative agencies. They can easily scale up their business by connecting with their audience and encouraging them about how much they love your products or services.

  1. Authentic Content: 53% of the people feel that UGC is more authentic in comparison to branded content. UGC aids in forming consumer’s perception. When consumers observe others discussing the brand, they are able to resonate with the goods and services with ease. 

How to Become a UGC Creator?

UGC is unpolished, natural content; all you need is a smartphone with a decent camera.

Steps to becoming a UCG creator are given below:

  1. Identifying brand to work with: There are so many brands in different categories. You need to pick a category and focus on that.  After this, start pitching different brands that fit in your category. 

  1. Creating content resembling UGC: The content should be original. For example you need to create the content for a health supplement brand, then you could create UGC content  that highlights how you use the product in your everyday routine. 

  1. Building a portfolio: If you don’t have existing content then, creating content around your favorite products is a good place to start .Highlight your abilities and style but donot overload too many samples. Additionally, you must state that the content is not sponsored, this will help you to refrain from requesting permission from brands. Your content could include an unboxing video highlighting the product features or review videos, sharing honest opinion regarding the products or services.


53% of the people feel that UGC is more authentic in comparison to branded content.

UGC is plays a crucial role in marketing your product or service. UGC ctreators helps to facilitate the  connection between your audience and your products. They help in promoting your brand, building community, enhancing sales and increasing brand loyalty. 


Q1. What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

Ans: User Generated Content created by influencers, creators or customers that aids in promoting the brand’s products or services.

Q2. What type of content UGC creators can produce?

Ans: UGC content may include unboxing videos showcasing the features of the products, reviews about the product or services, product images shared on Instagram and comments on blogs.

Q3. What is the importance of UGC?

Ans: People feel that UGC is more authentic than branded content. UGC is an organic content which influences the purchasing decision of the consumers. This ultimately results in increased conversions and higher revenue.

Q4. What are the benefits of using UGC in brand marketing?

Ans: UCG helps in raising brand awareness. When people witness others using your product/ services, they may get influenced which might affect their purchasing decision. This results in high conversion rates and brands may experience a significant increase in their ROI.


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