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Level up audience engagement, scalability and experience levels by integrating user-generated content into events

Drive Engagement At All Types of Events By Adding User-Generated Content

Enhance Event Experience By Adding UGC
Boost Visitors Engagement

People love to be involved and watching their content on the big screen creates a sense of adventure and makes them feel part of the community present at the event. This is the best way to make a large gathering feel involved in an event and discuss the event.

Feel Connected During The Event

UGC enables event managers to tap into the reach of their customers and reach a massive audience that will access the event via their peers. UGC enables event managers to create FOMO for their events and displays their success in the eyes of future potential customers.

Create Social Proof

Collect all the UGC generated at an event and display it on their website/marketing channels to display the positive feedback or testimonials of the event to ensure more participation in future

Moderation and Customization

Idukki UGC platform comes with powerful moderation and customizaton feature to remove spammy content and customize as per your brand guidelines.

SEO Friendly Widgets

Idukki UGC Widgets are super fast and also make your pages SEO optimized. UGC Widget doesn’t obstruct your website core web vitals

UGC Rights Management

Get rights to the content your users own by simply clicking a button to legally repurpose it in your brand marketing campaigns.

Product Tagging

Tag your products to the content you collect and inspire more sales. Product Tagging enables social shopping on your website.

Product Sync

Idukki smart product sync feature allows you to auto-sync product from various platforms like Google merchant center, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

Performance Analytics

Track campaign performance, views, user sentiments, conversion, and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI using Idukki smart UGC platform.

Enhance Event Experience By Adding UGC

Idukki’s smart UGC platform come with all-one solutions for UGC marketing, from collecting and curating to repurposing it legally.

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