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Fuel your Brand’s Growth with the

Power of Social Proof

Integrations with Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Google & more

Embed Shoppable Influencer Videos & UGC Photo Galleries

UGC Discovery, Collection & Moderation

Trusted by over 100 + Brands

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How Idukki works?


Collect authentic content created by users from social media platforms using hashtags, tags, mentions etc.


Idukki’s advanced AI helps you moderate and customize aggregated user-generated content.


Feature authentic and engaging content across all digital channels like website, email, events, social ads, etc.


Dive deep into UGC metrics, trends, and audience behavior to make informed decisions & drive continuous growth.

Boost Brand Engagement, Build Trust & Skyrocket Conversions with UGC !

Embrace Authenticity with UGC: Elevate user engagement with real experiences that resonate and drive trust, standing out in today's landscape.

Boost Conversions Through Reliability: Showcase user-generated content to inspire confidence, turning potential customers into loyal advocates.

Efficiency in Marketing: Cut costs and save time with UGC, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy for lasting success.

Product Tagging

Tag your products to the content you collect and inspire more sales. Enable seamless checkout experience for your customers when they engage with your content

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Seamless Features in our Stack

In-video Commerce

Go beyond just watching and better engage and convert customers by providing a seamless checkout experience

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Rights Management

keep your UGC compliance troubles away by managing the entire rights management process ourselves with just a single click!

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More Features

  • Idukki's unique AI filter hides posts with profane content automatically without any manual intervention.

  • Learn how UGC impacts your business KPI's and make informed decisions to unlock future growth with our advanced analytics dashboard.

    Deep dive into what posts generate maximum revenue, which videos generate most clicks or watch time, Who are your top ambassadors and much more!

  • Idukki provides automated email follow ups with your customers to generate more feedback for your products! We enable Business to configure the template as per your brand guidelines.

  • Our Widgets are optimised for speed with a Google Lighthouse Speed Score of 94! This means that we do not affect your site speed at all.

    In addition our widgets improve the SEO score for your website by allowing Google to crawl over various UGC that you display.


Product pages with UGC videos see a


 increase in conversion rates.

of consumers say that videos give them more confidence to purchase online


Websites with UGC see a


increase in conversions

of consumers say authenticity is key to their purchase decisions


Benefits of UGC

The future of UGC starts here.
Tech Stack Integration

Display your social feed or live shoppable gallery widgets with our no code platform.

Works everywhere. No coding required.

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