Social Media Wall

A social wall, also known as a social media wall, is a form of aggregated feed of social media posts. These social media posts include posts from various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and many more.

What Is A Social Media Wall?

Social Wall On Website

- Helps grow the number of followers on social media - Builds engagement and organic reach of social media content - Increases the time spent on site - Provides social proof and drives conversion

What Are The Benefits Of A Social Media Wall?

Social media platforms Pulls content from multiple social media platforms to create a feed. Some examples of these platforms are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Features Of A Social Wall

Moderation This allows you to control the social content being displayed on the social wall. You can set rules and filters to avoid inappropriate content from appearing on your social wall.

Personalization Permits you to customize the look and feel of the social wall. You can change the colors, layout, and much more to make it match your brand.

Reporting and analytics: Enable you to track the performance of the social wall. It generates reports that you can use to analyze the results and work on improvements based on data.

Call-to-action buttons: This gives you the option to add call-to-action buttons to the displayed posts on the social wall to increase engagement.