Promote Your Real Customers To Build More Trust

Statistics show that users connect with other users easily, boost the performance of your social ads by using UGC

Build Social Ads Using User-Generated Content

Provides Authentic and Engaging Content

UGC enables brands to leverage authentic content that receives more engagement in the form of likes, comments, shares etc. as compared to branded content.

Reduces Content Costs

Social media managers spend countless resources and hours on producing the right content to please their audience. With UGC, they can get the most authentic content from their own customers all at a fraction of the cost of branded content!

Brand Virality

This is the best way for a brand to imbibe a sense of community for its business. Hashtag campaigns usually result in exponential word-of-mouth marketing without spending a dime! A brand can go viral in seconds after launching a successful hashtag campaign.

All-In-One UGC Marketing Suits

Idukki’s smart UGC platform come with all-one solutions for UGC marketing, from collecting and curating to repurposing it legally.

Moderation and Customization

Idukki UGC platform comes with powerful moderation and customizaton feature to remove spammy content and customize as per your brand guidelines.

SEO Friendly Widgets

Idukki UGC Widgets are super fast and also make your pages SEO optimized. UGC Widget doesn’t obstruct your website core web vitals

UGC Rights Management

Get rights to the content your users own by simply clicking a button to legally repurpose it in your brand marketing campaigns.

Product Tagging

Tag your products to the content you collect and inspire more sales. Product Tagging enables social shopping on your website.

Product Sync

Idukki smart product sync feature allows you to auto-sync product from various platforms like Google merchant center, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

Performance Analytics

Track campaign performance, views, user sentiments, conversion, and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI using Idukki smart UGC platform.

Idukki Integrations

Idukki can integrate with the all-important technology stack. It also works with all web builders and eCommerce platforms.

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