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Instagram Widget: Elevate Your Website Experience

Easily curate and publish user-generated content from Instagram to your website pages with our engaging, responsive, and coding-free Instagram widget.

Why Instagram Widgets Are a Must-Have for Your Website

Displaying your Instagram content on your website is a great way to encourage visitors to engage with your brand. Users can like, comment, and even follow your account directly from the widget, which can lead to increased user interaction and extended time spent on your website.

Increased Engagement and User Interaction


Social proof can be a powerful influence on consumer behavior. By displaying your Instagram content on your website, you can build trust with potential customers and encourage them to purchase your products or services.

Boost conversions and sales


Instagram widgets offer a convenient platform to showcase your best photos, videos, and stories on your website. This provides visitors with a glimpse into your Instagram presence and allows them to explore your content without leaving your website.

Showcase Your Instagram Content


Displaying your Instagram content on your website serves as social proof, demonstrating an active and engaged social media following. This can enhance your credibility and build trust with your website visitors, which can have a positive impact on their perception of your brand or business.

Build Social Proof and Credibility


How to Add an Instagram Widget to Your Website 

1. Collect Instagram Content with Ease

  • Hashtags: Aggregate powerful Instagram feeds with your branded hashtag.

  • Handles: Curate and embed your Instagram handle feed on your website to showcase your social presence.

  • Stories: Capture and engage your visitors with attention-grabbing Instagram Stories.

  • Mentions: Display mentioned Instagram posts to show brand advocacy on your website.

  • Reels: Collect Reels by selecting "✓ Only Reels" in the checkbox section of Hashtag, Handle, Videos, Mentions, and Personal Account.

  • Videos: Incorporate Instagram videos to enhance your web pages.

2. Design & Personalize Your Feed

  • Moderate: Restrict abusive and irrelevant content on your widget to maintain premium content quality with our automatic or manual moderation feature.

  • Customize: Create a unique and engaging user experience with our advanced customization options, including colors, layouts, elements, ordering, card styles, and more.

  • Brand: Maximize your widget's performance and results by adding custom posts, highlighting offers, integrating promotional announcements, and adding banners, tickers, and CTAs.

3. Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website

  • Embed: Generate an embed code with just a few clicks and add the responsive Instagram Widget to any web page, no coding required.

  • Real-Time Updates: Your widget will automatically and instantly update with the latest content from your Instagram account, ensuring that your visitors always see fresh and unique content.

Elevate Your Website Experience with Our Instagram Widget

Empower Your Instagram Widget With More Features

Drive results with a range of features to enhance your Instagram widget

Product Tagging

Leverage the power of product tagging: manual and hotspot— to promote products and renew the shopping experience

Content Moderation

Exercise complete control over what gets seen by your customers and prospects in your Instagram widget

Robust Analytics

Leverage the power of product tagging: manual and hotspot— to promote products and renew the shopping experience

Dynamic Widget

Deliver an intuitive user experience with fast & responsive Instagram widgets embedded into your site

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