How To Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Website?

Sharing images and videos on Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms, are a fantastic way to connect with friends, family, and followers of your account.

In addition, if you run your website on WordPress, you can embed these Instagram feeds on WordPress website so that others may see them.

Instagram feed on wordpress

Yes! You heard that right. Here, we will discuss the advantages of syncing the content of your Instagram account with your WordPress website and the ways you may embed interactive Instagram widgets.

It is the most comprehensive guide primarily because we will demonstrate how to utilize the Instagram aggregator and other ways to help you embed your Instagram feed on the WordPress website. Read on to know more. Before we move forward, let’s see what exactly is an Instagram feed and how it can help you reach wider audiences and build your brand image. 

What exactly is an Instagram feed?

The images and videos you upload to your main Instagram profile page are your Instagram feed. The majority of Instagram users will see your content here. The content you share on your account will be visible to your followers even if your account is private. However, any Instagram users can view it if their account is public. 

Instagram Feed

The small elements that go into creating your profile on Instagram and the posts you have posted can help you advance on this social media platform. Wondering what exactly is included in the Instagram feed? Here you go! 

How To Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

There are a few distinct approaches to take here, and the right one for you will depend on the sort of website you run and the functions you want to implement. Here are some popular methods to do so:

Use an Instagram feed WordPress plugin

You may embed your Instagram feed on your WordPress site by utilizing one of the many Instagram plugins available for WordPress. 

Using the plugin, you can effortlessly embed your Instagram feed in the sidebar of your website or any other widget area.

Make use of the embed code provided by Instagram

You may embed Instagram posts by utilizing an embed code provided inside the Instagram app, even if you do not want to install a plugin.

add Instagram feed on wordpress

To do this, go to your Instagram account and look for the post you want to embed in your website. Then choose “Embed” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the three dots in the post’s upper right corner.

Make a copy of the embed code and then paste it into the HTML editor of the page or post you’re working on in WordPress.

Using Social Media Aggregator

People looking to embed an Instagram feed on a WordPress website can use social media aggregators.

Idukki, the best social media aggregator, enables you to use your clients’ content. Simply connect your Instagram account to Idukki, choose a media type (hashtags (#), handles (@), mentions, tags, etc., and the aggregator will compile all of the Instagram content you selected on a single screen.


Yes! It’s that much easier. You can also use themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and templates to make your feed more colorful and appealing to website users.

These are some of the ways of embedding Instagram feeds on WordPress websites. Let’s understand some of the benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on WordPress websites. 

Benefits Of adding Instagram feed on WordPress website

Offer more interactive content 

Visitors to your WordPress website may now browse your Instagram posts without leaving by embedding the Instagram feed on your website. It will increase the time your visitors spend interacting with your brand.

Improves ranking 

The captions that are posted to your website, along with the Instagram images, paint a clear picture of the motive of your website or blog. This improves user comprehension of your brand’s message and raises click-through rates on your website, eventually improving the SEO ranking of your website. 

Increases audience reach 

Since Instagram is used globally by many users, it is a great place to interact with your target audiences. As a result, marketers can reach a sizable audience while boosting engagement and conversions by embedding Instagram feeds on websites.

Builds brand trust

In a world where 90% of consumers trust user-generated content, showing visitors what they want is best. Brands want honest and good consumer relationships.

Brands may present their actual market image and authentic consumer experiences by posting Instagram user-generated content on websites. Brands improve consumer interactions by increasing product dependability and authenticity.

By showing the Instagram feed on the WordPress website, you can always let customers engage with you on both platforms to enhance brand recognition and sales.

The best method to communicate personally with your website visitors, promote your Instagram account, highlight your goods or services, and improve user experience is by adding an Instagram feed to your WordPress website.


Guide To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Connecting your website to your social media platforms can help you achieve goals faster. Especially in today’s scenario, social media platforms play an integral part in every business’s success. The most widely used social media platform is Instagram, among others, and it’s entirely free. Believe it or not, if you embed Instagram feed on your website, it reshapes your brand.

Don’t miss out; it’s the right time to get on track. If your Instagram feed is relevant to the content on your website, you should surely connect the two. Whether you sell products, provide services, or are an influencer/content creator, you must have an Instagram feed embedded on your website.

What Is Instagram Feed?

Your main Instagram profile page and the photos and videos you upload there are referred to as your “Instagram Feed.” Your followers will see these posts, as well as anyone who follows the hashtags you use on your post.

Following hashtags is another wonderful technique to get your feed posts discovered by new people. You may get your content in front of more people by adding hashtags relevant to your business, industry, or content.

embed instagram feed on website

People are increasingly turning to Instagram first when researching a new company or brand rather than Google or the company’s website. In that sense, your Instagram profile is the face of your business or brand. 

Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Embedding Instagram feed on a website is simple and effective. There are numerous ways to add your Instagram feed on website, but we’ve compiled a list of the two most clear and simple options for your convenience.

1. Social Media Aggregator Tools

Social Media Aggregators or user-generated content platforms are incredible tools that have revolutionized the marketing world by making it simple to improve the visual appeal of your website/online store. Marketers can use a social media aggregator to collect, curate, and customize their social feeds across many networks.

instagram feed on website

The collected feeds are then displayed as a single feed on the user’s preferred website or online store to build trust and increase engagement.

2. Instagram Feed Apps

Instagram Feed Apps are also the most preferred choice for online merchants. All credit to their easy-to-use interface and features that help in adding functionality and engagement to the store.

These apps provide you with an easy embedding process, and all you need to choose is the best solution provider that matches your brand.

Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

1. Idukki 

Idukki is the best Instagram aggregator tool for embedding Instagram feeds into your website. Connect your Instagram account to Idukki, select a media such as hashtags (#), handles (@), mentions, tags, and so on, and the aggregator will gather all of your chosen Instagram content on one screen.


You may also utilize its advanced moderation tool to filter out irrelevant or repeated information and control what appears on the page. Not only that, but you can also customize your feed to make it more colourful and appealing to website visitors. Themes, layouts, fonts, colors, templates, and other options are available. 

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2. Tagembed

Tagembed includes an Instagram aggregator that allows you to extract content from Instagram and edit it before displaying it on your website, removing any undesired or irrelevant content. You may personalize your Instagram feed with banners, designs, layouts, and themes, among other things.

Because the integration is code-free, you won’t need any technical knowledge to get started. You also get analytics to help you better evaluate the performance of your Instagram feed widget, optimize the content, and engage website visitors.

3. SnapWidget

A simple tool for collecting Instagram feeds with usernames and hashtags is SnapWidget. With a few basic configuration options, you can simply change your Instagram feed so that it appears on your website as a grid pattern, responsive slideshow, or photo map.

instagram feed

You won’t need to keep refreshing your website thanks to this practical application’s quick updates. Although it takes a while for the content to load, the website’s creative layouts and designs capture visitors and boost website engagement.

4. Flockler

An Instagram widget can be stored on your website with the help of the Instagram aggregator Flockler. You can start with a 30-day trial that is free. To fully complement your website, you can build your Instagram widget in a variety of layouts.


Additionally, you can edit the widget with colors, fonts, banners, and whatever else our platform has to offer before uploading the widget to your website. Both the setup and the integration are uncomplicated. Flockler is ideal for increasing website dwell time and boosting conversions.

Embed Instagram Feed – Instagram Official Embedding Option

An embedding feature is available on Instagram. Unlike other embedding options that enable you to embed a whole Instagram gallery on your website, this one only allows you to embed a single post at a time.

The integration is easy, though. To access an options box, simply open the article you wish to embed in a browser and click the three dots in the upper right corner.


Select “copy the embed code” and then put the code in the desired location. It is considered to be the simplest embedding technique.

How To Embed Instagram Feed On Different Website Building Platforms 

The perks of embedding an Instagram feed on your website are significant. It not only allows visitors to see your most recent Instagram posts, but it also adds social proof to your online store.

Here are a few ways to embed Instagram feeds on your website and engage your audience on different platforms:

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress 

You’ll need to install a “plugin” to add any additional functions that aren’t included in your WordPress theme. There are many plugins available for displaying your Instagram feed on your website. Many are free, while others require a purchase to unlock more features. The steps are as follows,

instagram feed on wordpress

To begin, log in to your WordPress site and select “Plugins” from the left-hand sidebar.


  • “Add New” will appear.
  • Search for a specific plugin by name in the “Search Plugins” box, or search “Instagram feed” to uncover a plethora of plugin alternatives.
  • Click “Install Now” when you find the one you want.
  • Click “Activate” once it’s been installed.
  • Then, in the left-hand sidebar, go to Plugin to finish the setup.

Embed Instagram Post On Shopify

Shopify offers a Facebook channel tool that allows business owners to link their Instagram accounts to their products. Anyone can use it to integrate their Instagram feeds into their Shopify store by following these simple steps:

instagram feed on shopify
  • To start, you’ll need a Shopify account.
  • Then, on the left column, you’ll notice Sales channels; click the + button.
  • Select the Facebook channel from the dropdown menu.
  • The Facebook shop, Instagram shopping, and Facebook market are the next three alternatives. 
  • Then, in the Instagram shopping area, select “Start setup.”

Also, note that Shopify requires you to have a professional Instagram account at this point. There are also some other requirements before you may proceed. After you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to create your own Instagram feeds.

Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace

It’s actually quite simple to integrate your Instagram feed into Squarespace. To begin, make sure your Instagram account is linked to Squarespace. Here are the steps:

instagram feed on squarespace
  • First, edit a website or a post on which you wish your Instagram feed to appear.
  • Select Instagram from the menu by clicking an insert point.
  • Select the Account tab once you’re in the block editor.
  • Add an Instagram account and complete the authorization procedures.
  • Choose the number of things you’d like to see.
  • Select a design from the Design tab.
  • Configure your display options
  • Finally, to save your changes, click Apply.

You’ve now successfully embedded your feed into your Squarespace site. Every time you update your Instagram, the Instagram Blocks function will instantly sync your feed with your website.

Embed Instagram Post On WIX

Squarespace has Blocks, while WordPress has plugins. Wix has Apps which are a combination of the two. Wix produced some Apps (similar to Squarespace blocks), while others were created by other parties (similar to WordPress plugins).

Instagram feed on wix

Log in to your Wix account first. Then:

  • In the Editor, select “Add Apps.”
  • Look through the apps and select the one you want by clicking the Plus icon next to it.
  • If you don’t see it, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click “Browse our App Market” to look for more.
  • Click “+Add App” after selecting the app you want.
  • You must connect your Instagram account after you’ve added an app for your Instagram feed. 

App for Instagram Feed:

Click “Settings,” then “Connect Instagram.”

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

Add an Instagram feed to your website to reap the following benefits:

  • Increase revenue and sales.
  • Increases the time visitors spend on your website.
  • Improve website conversion rate.
  • Build trust and promote your brand.
  • Increase user participation.
  • Boosts the visual appeal of your website by displaying authentic data. 

Adding Instagram to your website is not as difficult a task as it first appears. There are a lot of social media aggregators available, and Idukki is one of the best and easiest solutions for businesses of all sizes. Please contact us if you require any information about the features and functionalities.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is the most popular and easiest way to interact with your followers and enhance brand visibility. Consider the aforementioned steps to add your Instagram feed to the website and discover its advantages of it. If you’re still puzzled, don’t worry because Idukki is here to assist you.


How To Add An Instagram Feed On Shopify Website

Most business people understand how essential social media platforms are to a company’s success. Everyone knows that if a business wants to truly prosper, it needs to know how to use social media to its advantage.

This comprises Shopify’s e-commerce platforms. But how can you add Instagram feed on Shopify website if you don’t know anything about it? That is, after all, the purpose of this post.

What Is An Instagram Feed?

If you’re new to Instagram, you might be wondering what the Instagram feed is. Let’s start with the basics and explain what an Instagram feed is all about. You may use the Instagram feed to post stuff and connect with others. 

When you first open Instagram, you’ll see a lot of stuff from the accounts you follow, as well as content Instagram believes you’ll like. This is the feed, and you can publish stuff to your own page that people who follow you will view in their feed.

Instagram Feed on shopify

Users utilize the feed to decide whether to stay, interact with your content, or leave in despair. On Instagram, first impressions are significant. As a result, the feed is an important part of your Instagram design strategy.

Why Do Brands Choose Shopify?

Shopify, widely regarded as the most popular eCommerce platform for brands, provides a perfect platform for brands to exhibit their products and allows them to sell their products by starting their own Shopify store.

What makes Shopify even more unique is that it allows firms to personalise their stores and make them more beautiful and appealing by providing a variety of customisation choices. This allows brands to improve the overall appearance of the store if necessary.

Due to its minimal configuration needs, Shopify is an excellent solution if you want to establish your brand from scratch. Overall, Shopify provides the best functionality at the most inexpensive costs, making it accessible to even small businesses. 

But first, let’s learn more about Shopify and why it’s so popular among eCommerce companies.

Why Should Brands Add An Instagram Feed To Shopify Store?

The majority of e-commerce firm owners feel that social networking is critical to their success. When customers have a positive experience with your business, social media platforms make it easier for them to share or recommend it to their peers.

Instagram is one of the most active social media networks, with over 500 million daily active users and a variety of highly dynamic feeds. We’ve also talked about the advantages of embedding an Instagram feed on Shopify.

Instagram feed on Shopify

Marketers and businesses have been leveraging this social media platform to the best of their ability for years to enhance their brand reach and visibility by employing a powerful and result-driven strategy – embedding feeds!

Embedding an Instagram widget on a website has evolved over time to become one of the most ingenious methods to boost engagement, conversions, and sales. Since you now know why most businesses select Shopify, we’ll go through the significant benefits of integrating Instagram feeds with Shopify in the following section. 

Benefits Of Adding Instagram Feeds On Shopify

1. Increased User Engagement

User engagement is a critical component of every brand or business, and it is the determining element in a brand’s success.

Customers trust others’ evaluations far more than the brand’s public content, as is well known. User-Generated Content (UGC) dominates Instagram Feeds, making it the truest, most authentic, and most trustworthy form of content.

Because the feed is so authentic, when a person hits the website and sees an embedded Instagram feed, they feel motivated to explore the interactive website further and stay on the website longer, resulting in greater user engagement and visitor time duration.

2. Building Brand Trust & Loyalty

For any firm, brand credibility is just as important as user interaction, and adding an Instagram feed to Shopify website will boost your customers’ trust.

User-Generated Content (UGC) efficiently helps you gain the trust of your present as well as new clients, as discussed in the previous paragraph.

Because the content is developed by your users, it will never appear biased or as part of the brand’s promotional content, resulting in you acquiring the trust and loyalty of your potential customers.

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3. Build Your Social Proof

Always remember that your customers are your most powerful brand ambassadors, and as previously stated, User-Generated Content is the most effective and real form of content, and it may work wonders for your business!

The more people who are aware of your brand, the more probable it is that potential customers will visit your website, and as a result of your satisfied customers’ recommendations, they may even decide to purchase your products or services.

As a benefit of leveraging brand awareness, you are more likely to enhance your business’ conversion rate and revenues by connecting Instagram to Shopify.

4. Create a vibrant look for the website

According to studies, visuals captivate ten times more attention than text, and Instagram is a colourful and exciting platform full of interactive graphics.

By embedding your Instagram feed into your website and personalising it to your particular taste and preference, you may improve the overall design of your website, which will lead to clients enjoying their time on your site.

Visitors are quickly captivated by your website’s general look and increase their stay on your website owing to its vibrancy because visuals are catchy and far more detailed and engaging in nature.

5. You Can Gain Instagram Followers

Your website visitors will begin to notice you and your business in a better perspective once you start enjoying the above benefits, and they will feel it necessary to connect and participate with you on social media as well.

Visitors to your website will gain a better understanding of your social presence and, as a consequence, will become more connected to your company. They may even check out your Instagram account and join your follower list!

How To Add Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store? 

There are a plethora of ways to connect an Instagram feed to Shopify, and we’ve narrowed it down to simple and time-saving options. These approaches do not require the use of specialists and are simple to carry out. These are the methods:

1. Idukki – Best UGC Platform

Idukki is an incredible tool that has completely changed the marketing landscape. Users can personalise and curate their Instagram feeds using this tool. The feeds are then displayed on the website without reducing speed. They also included a dedicated Instagram widget that allows you to easily show your Instagram feed on your website.

They are also Shopify-compatible, making embedding an Instagram feed on Shopify a simple and painless process. Simply choose Idukki to embed your Instagram feed to your Shopify store.

It offers a variety of useful capabilities in addition to an easy embedding solution, all of which brings significant value to your strategy. These capabilities include personalization, which allows users to tailor the widget to their specific needs. You can adjust the text size, font style, and other aspects of the widget to match your preferred look.

In a nutshell, you may pick a theme that best matches the style and flow of your website and business, while also keeping it organised. It also has a moderation feature that allows you to eliminate all unwanted and irrelevant information from the website while maintaining the Shopify store’s quality. 

And, because the widget is responsive, it adjusts to the size of the screen. In other words, no matter what device your visitors use, they will be able to easily navigate through the information. It is not necessary to adjust the display settings to accommodate different screen sizes.

2. Instagram Embedding Code 

This method can be used if you don’t want to utilize any tools or apps. Instagram, for example, gives embedding codes for each of its posts. All you have to do now is copy the embedding code and paste it into your Shopify store’s backend.

However, there are certain drawbacks to the procedure. To begin with, you must follow the same procedure and post each time. Second, the stream cannot be customised. Finally, and most crucially, you must maintain track of the most recent content and repeat the process each time you want to update the website’s content.

Where Can You Add Instagram Feed on Shopify Store?

The most common question is where should we actually integrate an Instagram Gallery Widget for Shopify after we’ve created one that’s perfect? The answer is straightforward: it depends on the necessity. Here are some examples of where you could use Instagram Feed in your Shopify store:

1. HomePage

2. Landing Page

3. Product Page

4. Checkout Page

5. Dedicated Gallery Page

6. Our Story Page

7. About Us Page, and much more.

Depending on the type of audience you’re targeting, these are some of the most effective areas to integrate an Instagram Feed into your Shopify store.


Overall, integrating an Instagram Feed into your Shopify store has never been simpler, right? In a nutshell, all you have to do is customize an Instagram Feed, match the style and colours of your Shopify website, and add an Instagram Feed wherever you want.

That concludes our discussion. Choose the seamless option, Idukki, to integrate your Instagram feed with your Shopify store. And if you haven’t already, we recommend creating an Instagram account for your business; it doesn’t take long, it’s free, and it’s a great method to promote your brand.