How To Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Website?

Sharing images and videos on Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms, are a fantastic way to connect with friends, family, and followers of your account.

In addition, if you run your website on WordPress, you can embed these Instagram feeds on WordPress website so that others may see them.

Instagram feed on wordpress

Yes! You heard that right. Here, we will discuss the advantages of syncing the content of your Instagram account with your WordPress website and the ways you may embed interactive Instagram widgets.

It is the most comprehensive guide primarily because we will demonstrate how to utilize the Instagram aggregator and other ways to help you embed your Instagram feed on the WordPress website. Read on to know more. Before we move forward, let’s see what exactly is an Instagram feed and how it can help you reach wider audiences and build your brand image. 

What exactly is an Instagram feed?

The images and videos you upload to your main Instagram profile page are your Instagram feed. The majority of Instagram users will see your content here. The content you share on your account will be visible to your followers even if your account is private. However, any Instagram users can view it if their account is public. 

Instagram Feed

The small elements that go into creating your profile on Instagram and the posts you have posted can help you advance on this social media platform. Wondering what exactly is included in the Instagram feed? Here you go! 

How To Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

There are a few distinct approaches to take here, and the right one for you will depend on the sort of website you run and the functions you want to implement. Here are some popular methods to do so:

Use an Instagram feed WordPress plugin

You may embed your Instagram feed on your WordPress site by utilizing one of the many Instagram plugins available for WordPress. 

Using the plugin, you can effortlessly embed your Instagram feed in the sidebar of your website or any other widget area.

Make use of the embed code provided by Instagram

You may embed Instagram posts by utilizing an embed code provided inside the Instagram app, even if you do not want to install a plugin.

add Instagram feed on wordpress

To do this, go to your Instagram account and look for the post you want to embed in your website. Then choose “Embed” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the three dots in the post’s upper right corner.

Make a copy of the embed code and then paste it into the HTML editor of the page or post you’re working on in WordPress.

Using Social Media Aggregator

People looking to embed an Instagram feed on a WordPress website can use social media aggregators.

Idukki, the best social media aggregator, enables you to use your clients’ content. Simply connect your Instagram account to Idukki, choose a media type (hashtags (#), handles (@), mentions, tags, etc., and the aggregator will compile all of the Instagram content you selected on a single screen.


Yes! It’s that much easier. You can also use themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and templates to make your feed more colorful and appealing to website users.

These are some of the ways of embedding Instagram feeds on WordPress websites. Let’s understand some of the benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on WordPress websites. 

Benefits Of adding Instagram feed on WordPress website

Offer more interactive content 

Visitors to your WordPress website may now browse your Instagram posts without leaving by embedding the Instagram feed on your website. It will increase the time your visitors spend interacting with your brand.

Improves ranking 

The captions that are posted to your website, along with the Instagram images, paint a clear picture of the motive of your website or blog. This improves user comprehension of your brand’s message and raises click-through rates on your website, eventually improving the SEO ranking of your website. 

Increases audience reach 

Since Instagram is used globally by many users, it is a great place to interact with your target audiences. As a result, marketers can reach a sizable audience while boosting engagement and conversions by embedding Instagram feeds on websites.

Builds brand trust

In a world where 90% of consumers trust user-generated content, showing visitors what they want is best. Brands want honest and good consumer relationships.

Brands may present their actual market image and authentic consumer experiences by posting Instagram user-generated content on websites. Brands improve consumer interactions by increasing product dependability and authenticity.

By showing the Instagram feed on the WordPress website, you can always let customers engage with you on both platforms to enhance brand recognition and sales.

The best method to communicate personally with your website visitors, promote your Instagram account, highlight your goods or services, and improve user experience is by adding an Instagram feed to your WordPress website.


5 Best Tools to Embed YouTube Channel on Any Website?

Even though it is free, YouTube has proven to be the most reliable source of entertaining entertainment to this day. The fact that we often find ourselves watching random videos on YouTube for hours is evidence of how compelling the platform can be.

There is no valid reason to avoid using it in your work. By embedding YouTube videos on your website, you might enhance the time websites spend on your site and attract more visitors.

youtube video on the website

There are a lot of tools available, but the most important thing is to choose the one that will fulfill all of your needs and make the embedding process go as smoothly as possible.

Why do brands embed YouTube channels on websites? 

1. Achieve a Higher Rank (SEO Benefits)

Embedding a YouTube video widget on your website may boost the time visitors spend on the site. This is because videos are more interesting than photos and words.

A higher placement in the search engine results page (SERP) is thus tied to greater exposure and traffic. It eventually results in the highest number of conversions feasible.

2. Sales and Conversions That You Power

Videos are of great assistance when it comes to gaining a return on investments. We researched to demonstrate our legitimacy. One of the findings was that two-thirds of customers view YouTube videos before deciding whether to purchase.

Additionally, people would rather watch a video displaying product characteristics than read a written explanation.

Based on the information above, it is evident that people would rather watch videos than read written materials. You will significantly increase conversions and sales if you include a YouTube video widget in your website. This will allow you to gain additional benefits.

3. Establish Your Authenticity While Earning Trust

Video material is more expressive and perceptive than other types of information. Also, it helps ensure that the message sent to consumers is conveyed accurately.

Aside from this, videos tend to appeal to the audience’s emotional quotient and convey intriguing information visually.

Including a YouTube widget on your website may assist you in gaining the users’ confidence and embedding a feeling of authenticity in the viewers of your videos.

4. An increase in the amount of user engagement and the use of effective promotions

Videos, being more detailed, can present a better advertising message in a much more effective manner. In addition, videos can highlight the most critical aspects of the product or service more effectively.

The audience’s total user engagement immediately rises as a direct result of the fact that videos are simpler to browse, access, watch, and comprehend.

It is essential to keep in mind that the secret to getting extensive engagement is to produce the appropriate content and direct it toward the right audience.

Steps To Embed A YouTube Video On Any Website Manually:

If you want to use this option, all you have to do is follow the instructions that are provided below: 

1. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to embed and click on the Share button. 

2. Next, choose the Embed option from the menu.

3. Put the code that was created to embed the video on a clipboard.

4. On the website’s backend, where you want to embed the video, paste the embed code where it says to do so.

Done! Just be sure to save your modifications.

You may embed each video in the same way by just copying and pasting the instructions from above.

The most significant drawback of selecting this alternative is that it does not make it possible to embed the whole of a YouTube channel at once; also, doing it individually for each video will be a laborious and time-consuming operation.

Embed YouTube Channel On Your Website

Here is a list of the top five software tools you can use to embed YouTube videos on websites.


Idukki makes it simple to embed video content from YouTube on your website instantly. You can do it by compiling all of your YouTube videos into a single gallery.  With Idukki, it is impossible to modify the order in which you see the videos.


After you have gathered the information, you can personalize the widget by choosing from various themes, layouts, and design components and adding colors according to your preferences.

Also, the display order of the videos is automatically based on the time each video was posted.


Taggbox’s YouTube Widget feature makes it possible to compile a collection of videos from YouTube based on a channel URL, playlist, keywords, or region.

The Taggbox widget is equipped with a sophisticated moderation tool that enables you to remove stuff unrelated to your search, providing you with a collection of videos that are most relevant to your interests.


You are now ready to embed the widget on websites via a relatively quick and straightforward procedure, which involves producing the code and then paste it anywhere you want it to appear on websites.

Embed Social

Embed Social allows users to create and showcase their own YouTube channels on their websites.

You may show the whole of your feed on websites by utilizing a simple code. Also, those websites will stay in sync with any updates you make.


It allows you to embed sliders, feeds, or layouts in seconds. It can also give your widgets the appearance of professionalism even when the visitor uses a smartphone.

Playlist Widgets, YouTube Hashtag Widgets, and Channels are the three types of widgets available to you via Embed Social.


By embedding YouTube videos into websites costlessly, they increase users’ engagement with your website and overall engagement.

When choosing what information you want to show, you are presented with several alternatives. This includes the URL of a channel, a playlist, a keyword, or a location.


After you have chosen the material to show, you can also personalize the presentation. You can select the themes, fonts, styles, and layouts that best suit you.

Also, you will get background assistance by way of an analytics tool that you can use to monitor the performance.

Creating a social network feed, embedding it on websites, and displaying it in whichever manner you like are all made simple when you use

It makes it easier to establish a customized social feed for your website. Also, it consolidates your YouTube videos into one location.

It can maintain the relevance of your website by regularly updating the material. As a result, visitors will not get bored with the same content.

You will be able to develop confidence in your brand as well as your reputation by using Your website’s appeal and level of user engagement will increase thanks to the filter and template customization options they provide.


There is a wide variety of content on YouTube. YouTube can provide you with a wide range of free content. From humorous cat videos to instructional videos on various topics, YouTube is the go-to place for people.

Embedding YouTube videos on websites using the tools discussed before is a great way to provide variety to your business.

Your experience of information sharing will not only be seamless, but it will also be focused on producing results. All you need is to have the appropriate tool and tricks. 

Embedding User-Generated Content

7 Benefits of Social Media Aggregator Tools

Organizations are investing in social media tools to make their social platform more interactive and engaging. There is an increase in the use of tools like social media post management, hashtag generator, and social media aggregator tools.

A good number of you probably aren’t even fully aware of what a social media aggregator tool is. How is that even possible? Besides, what are the benefits of using a social media aggregator tool? In this section, we will discuss social media aggregation and the tools available for doing so.

social media aggregator benefits

If you want to know the benefits of social media aggregator tools, you should read this article to know the social media aggregator tool and its benefits.

Brands and enterprises are turning to social media aggregator tools to demonstrate their social proof and increase the level of trust among consumers.

So, let’s read all about it, shall we?

What is a Social Media Aggregator?

You can collect and organize live social media feeds from various social media networks using a social media aggregator, which is the simplest method. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.

It allows you to combine feeds from different social networks in real-time by using a particular hashtag, handle, or search word.

social aggregator benefits

Social media aggregators, also known as social aggregators, social media feed aggregators, social network aggregators, social media content aggregators, and UGC aggregators.

You may construct a social wall that consolidates your social media feeds into one location with a social media aggregator tool.

Benefits Of Social Media Aggregator Tools

Aggregators for social media are easier to use, save time, and are more cost-effective. As was previously said, social media aggregators simplify the process of using social media and assist you in developing an ordered picture of the feeds provided by social media platforms.

So, without further ado, here are seven fantastic benefits of using a social media aggregator tool. Have a peek!

1. Efficient With Both Time and Money

Marketing on social media should be an essential component of every company or brand. To develop and execute successful social media marketing strategies, companies need practical social media tools that may also improve the value of their operations.

These social media tools will come at a high cost, which is a disadvantage; however, the upside is that using a social media aggregation tool can help you save time, money, and effort by increasing the efficiency of other aspects of your social media marketing strategy.

One no longer needs to contact a large number of conventional sources of advertising products such as newspapers, hoardings, etc. On the other hand, there are services known as social media aggregators that need payment from you in exchange for searching for data, evaluating the content, and advertising, among other things.

2. Increase Audience Engagement

Utilizing tools that aggregate content from several social media platforms is one of the most efficient and forward-thinking ways to boost audience engagement.

It contributes to forming a relationship between the audience and the brand. This is an entirely new channel via which companies may communicate with their clientele. This tactic is part of an emerging trend.

social wall on event

Participants at events and exhibits can provide live updates, which are then compiled for the benefit of the event organizers.

A social wall, also known as an Instagram wall or a Twitter wall, is a kind of wall that can be created by companies using a social media aggregator tool. This type of wall is a highly effective method for creating participation at events and exhibits.

The social media aggregator will gather the feeds of any content that the audience members submit on social media about the event, including the event hashtag, and it will display those feeds on the social wall. It encourages more audience participation by allowing them to see themselves on a large screen throughout the event.

After the event, you can showcase such social media postings on your website in the gallery section.

3. Selection, Organization, and Moderating of Content

The finest social media aggregator tools will aggregate all of the postings from various social media platforms in one location.

The process of collecting social media postings is a challenging one. But the challenge of curating and moderating that material is much more difficult. When you use the finest social media aggregator, you can carefully select the material you want to share.

Creating a feeling of community for your audience and determining the information that is most relevant and interesting to them are both outcomes that may be achieved via the process of content curation. It filters out nasty and inappropriate stuff in real-time and provides high-quality content to post on your social wall.

4. Beat the Competitors

One may combat the competition if one makes better and wiser use of social media aggregator tools. Those who use these tools in today’s world are doing a lot better job of marketing themselves. In the end, the business world is all about competition, and it teaches you how to develop along with it.

In addition, one can keep an eye on the contemporary networking methods used by their competitors. Keep an eye on the content being shared by your competitor’s audience on social media. Determine what resonates best with that audience, and adjust your approach appropriately.

And convert some of their audience into your own.

5. Keep an Eye on Trends

Utilizing the social media aggregator tool will allow you to stay ahead of the trend. It allows you to keep track of the latest trends in your sector.

Maintain vigilance over famous and current hashtags that are pertinent to the category in which your company operates. In doing so, you can ensure that you will not miss anything important and will not fall behind your rivals.

Gather all relevant material from the different social media platforms. Next, carefully examine the content, and find the important influencers in your specialized field using social aggregators. Then, raise your level of interaction with these key figures.

6. Put Social Proof to Work for Your Sales

Gather the user-generated content from your social media accounts using the social aggregator available, and then integrate it on your company website. This is an excellent method for gaining the confidence of your clients and consumers.

Users have little faith in fake marketing strategies such as television commercials and print advertisements in this cutthroat industry. They have confidence in some realistic marketing, in which individuals look to the opinions and deeds of others for guidance in determining if something is beneficial or harmful to them.

Using a social wall or social media hub on your website or inside your shopping mall, you can show your clients the social media feedback that genuine users have left. Enhance the shopping experience and final decision-making process of the consumer.

7. Make UGC Shoppable

It would help if you made your user-generated content shoppable using social media aggregation or user-generated content platforms.

Use the finest social media aggregator service to include a unique call to action (CTA) on your social media postings. To facilitate adding a button labeled “Call-to-action” across all feeds. That navigates your audience straight to your goods, and they can shop for your products without difficulty.

shoppable ugc

On the CTA button, you can put anything (a product, website URL, download button, or registration form). You can create more leads and conversions with these CTA buttons.

Now that you know all the benefits of using a social media aggregator, the next question is, Which one? Therefore, now is the time to employ the most effective social media aggregator tool for your company. Use the one that will save you both time and money, provide you with actual benefits, and satisfy your needs.

User-Generated Content

Top 7 Benefits of User-Generated Content For Your Brand

User-generated content is unquestionably one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of marketers, and the advantages of UGC are being utilised and researched globally.

User-generated content is, at its core, a declaration of trust. The largest supporters of your business are taking pictures, posting reviews, and creating blog articles that advertise your goods or services, sometimes without being asked.

But how might user-generated content assist your business in particular? We’ve got your back, so don’t be alarmed. We’ve done the research and uncovered some reliable statistics and information about UGC to highlight its advantages in marketing.

What Is User-Generated-Content(UGC)?

UGC is the collective term for any consumer-generated content provided for free use in promoting a company or item. UGC is by definition organic content, typically of a novice calibre.

But social media users find it appealing since there are other people who endorse things rather than brands. Reviews, endorsements, social media postings, blog articles, case studies, polls, and other types of material are all examples of user-generated content. 

Benefits of UGC

The marketing trajectory of an app may be significantly impacted by UGC, even in its most basic forms. Nearly half of customers say it’s one of the easiest and most memorable ways to learn about new goods and companies, and about 30% of millennials say the bulk of the material they read is UGC-based.

Top 7 Benefits Of User-Generated Content For You

1. Boosts User-To-User And Customer-To-Brand Connectivity

Users have a place to discuss goods and services thanks to social aspects. You gain from more natural encounters and traffic so long as there is meaningful discourse.

Talking about goods and services encourages natural interactions and traffic. This lays the groundwork for upcoming business operations and marketing initiatives since a number of crucial marketing objectives—such as tracking metrics, lowering churn rates, boosting sales, and promoting repeat business—require user interaction.

benefits of user-generated content

The significance of customer-brand interactions cannot be overstated. CRM systems are essential to the company for a reason: they assist in gathering, managing, and organizing vital data that demonstrates how customers connect with your brand. UGC benefits from higher connectivity and reach.

2. You Get More Authenticity With UGC

Trust is one of the most potent benefits of user-generated content. People relate to those who are similar to them easily. Similar to how customers rather than brands resonate with consumers. They have the same objective of discovering a product that brings them joy.


UGC conveys several messages about a product. The thing is no longer by itself. Instead, the issues they resolve take on their dominant place.

Customers recognize in user-generated content (UGC) someone who is similar to them and who conquered a particular challenge utilizing a certain resource. It makes sense for customers to purchase the same efficient instrument to reproduce the solution.

3. Puts Users Into It

The demands of the user should always come first when developing a brand. Unfortunately, things are rarely that easy. The public may voice a variety of issues as your product matures, some of which may contradict one another.

You must be aware of what the bulk of your user base wants and needs in order to guarantee the best levels of consumer satisfaction. The benefits of user-generated content platforms are that they enable your users to take centre stage and actively participate in the development of your brand.

Feedback analysis may show that early adopters of the applications desire to preserve some features while new users have suggestions for improving what has already been developed. UGC platforms provide a forum for these talks, enabling users to participate actively in the creation process.

4. User-Generated Images Can Reduce Your Budget And Support Branded Content

Budgets for marketing are frequently overspent. Since resources (and money) are frequently few, many marketers must use their creativity to get additional visual material.

The good news is that user-generated material won’t break the department budget. There is minimal to no expense as you are getting your photographs directly from your social media followers.

UGC on website

Additionally, because so many individuals share pictures and videos on social media, marketers may access these resources widely. The largest and fastest-growing source of graphic material available to marketers is user-generated content (UGC).

Marketers may therefore employ both branded and custom content, as well as people for the benefit of user-generated content. And this mixture is effective: When user-generated content and expert material are utilized together to promote a brand, brand engagement rises by an average of 28%.

5. UGC Enhance Conversion and Retention Rate

People unquestionably prefer to do business with brands that pay attention to their customers. Clients who have access to a platform for user-generated content will feel that they have a better understanding of the goods and services being offered.

By reducing the pressure of the decision process, a transparent, unbiased knowledge base encourages leads to move down the sales funnel.

benefits of user-generated content

Another factor that UGC improves is retention. Having a community enables consumers to spend time talking about your goods, events, and services while also interacting with other users and employees of your business. A business that values customer feedback is more likely to experience reduced attrition rates.

6. Brand Advocacy

Red Bull serves as an example of how much customers contribute when a company puts them in the limelight. In actuality, it is one of the select few businesses that emphasize brand advocacy in its social marketing.

Every time a furious Red Bull ambassador launches an activity, the hashtag #wingsteam is used. At this event, Wing Team athletes use creative methods to obtain samples from customers rather than giving them Red Bull cans for free. A college campus airdrop operation was one of the most memorable activations.

As a marketing tool, UGC benefits the power to convert consumers into active, devoted brand supporters. These customers not only replenish from the same brand but also get others to do the same.

Engage your community if you want to use your brand to start a movement. Encourage delighted customers to try more by leaving comments on their posts and retweeting them.

Increase the ante and transform their campaigns into once-a-week or once-a-month competitions using distinctive hashtags. The more advocates you have, the more likely it is that people will learn about your brand.

7. UGC Provides You With a Cutting-Edge

It may be challenging for a company to stand out in the crowd of advertisements and sponsored material that customers are subjected to on a daily basis. People develop what is known as banner blindness, or the ability to block out advertisements.

However, adopting user-generated content(UGC) might help you re-engage your audience without making them glaze over. User-generated content isn’t a standard advertisement because it’s produced by a specific member of your target market and isn’t pushy. Customers perceive UGC as being more authentic because it isn’t solely promotional stuff.

UGC includes the advantage of making your adverts more effective. Utilizing user-generated pictures in advertisements has been found to enhance click-through rates by a factor of three.

The numbers speak for themselves: using user-generated content to break through the clutter of competing for digital advertisements and information is a tried-and-true tactic.

User-Generated Content Examples

1. LuluLemon


The Canadian athleisure business LuluLemon, not to be confused with multi-level marketing firm LuLaRoe, is most known for its pricey leggings and yoga wear.

They requested that fans and brand aficionados post pictures of themselves wearing LuluLemon apparel on social media with the hashtag #thesweatlife in order to broaden the company’s reach.

This not only produced a wealth that LuLuLemon could reuse, but it also naturally increased the company’s brand recognition and social media reach as they shared material from brand ambassadors.

2. GoPro


GoPro, a manufacturer of video equipment, relies on user-generated content (UGC) to support its YouTube channel, with its top three videos all being made by users. The cumulative views of all three films reached over 400 million as of December 2021.

Not bad considering GoPro paid nothing to create the clip. The company’s UGC really became so significant that they now have their own awards ceremony and encourage regular picture competitions to encourage their customers to be inventive.

3. LaCroix


La Croix, a sparkling water company, utilizes the hashtag #LiveLaCroix to collect user-generated content on their social media platforms, following a similar strategy to LuluLemon. La Croix, on the other hand, is less reliant on brand devotees and shares material created by anybody, regardless of their number of followers.

Because consumers will see themselves mirrored in these photographs rather than brand spokespeople or ardent followers with more followers, this makes their user-generated content more relevant.

Two Main Tips To Build User-Generated Content

1. Know your target

The people who create UGC want you to distribute it. That indicates that they want you to let them know what sort of material you plan to publish the most.

More than half of customers want businesses to tell them exactly what to do when it comes to user-generated content(UGC), yet only 16% of brands provide clear instructions on the sort of UGC they want followers to produce and share. 

Be particular and make it simple for individuals to contribute material that suits your demands, so don’t be hesitant to do so.

2. Asking permission is a must

It requires consent to share material. Always get permission before utilizing or republishing a customer’s work.

People may use your custom hashtags without being aware that you’ve connected them to a UGC campaign. Regrettably, reposting that message without express consent is a certain way to ruin goodwill and upset some of your strongest brand defenders.

By requesting permission, you may encourage the original poster to share its message with your audience by demonstrating your appreciation for it. Additionally, you avoid getting into trouble over copyright issues.

Conclusion OR what did we learn?

And here ends your short guide on the benefits of user-generated content. We hope you learned a thing or two about user-generated content and how to use them to your benefit. Just follow these tips and engage in getting the most out of all the benefits of user-generated content.


How To Embed TikTok Videos On Website?

There was a time when content producers spent enormous amounts of time and money on video content ideation, costly recording equipment, and other methods to make high-quality videos to captivate their audience.

When TikTok debuted as in 2016, it disregarded all of these variables and introduced the phenomena of 15- to 3-minute-long short videos that dominated social media like never before.

With just a smartphone and the TikTok app, you can become a renowned content producer overnight, thanks to the program’s extensive song library, editing features, and transition effects.

Tiktok Video: A Glance

TikTok is an application for viewing and sharing short videos. Almost everyone is aware of the popularity of TikTok among Generation Z; the app delivers fascinating material for everyone, including millennials and baby boomers.

In a world where younger customers distrust advertisements, TikTok videos may be a fantastic approach to provide social proof and user-generated content on your website, demonstrating to visitors how people interact with your company.

Also, including TikTok videos on your website promotes you as a cutting-edge, trend-conscious business.

Methods To Embed TikTok Videos

Using a social media aggregator will make it simple for you to integrate your TikTok feed into any website. It only takes a few minutes to design and embed. Let’s see how!

The platform offers two choices:

1. Manually input links from TikTok videos and create TikTok feed widgets.

2. Link a TikTok account, and retrieve all videos from that account automatically.

Embed TikTok videos automatically( using a social media aggregator)

The ideal option for you is a social media aggregator if you want a hands-free, simple approach to adding your TikTok videos that automatically bring in your new videos.

By linking your social media aggregator to TikTok, you may automatically allow videos to be added to your website or manually approve which ones you wish to be there.

Social Media Aggregator Tools To Embed TikTok Videos


Idukki enables you to make the most of the material your consumers have produced. It gathers user-generated content (UGC) from social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

This application also aids in obtaining permission from clients to use their content for other purposes. The website front page, product pages, checkout pages, abandoned cart emails, and social marketing can include the curated wall.

It retrieves material using hashtags, mentions, and tags and helps secure users’ consent to repurpose their postings. You can use this tool to analyze the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.


The Curator gathers chosen posts from several social network accounts to present them in a single, customizable, and embeddable-anywhere feed.

It enables you to directly incorporate the stream as Javascript, HTML, and CSS wherever you wish on your website.

Hence, this implies that you control entirely how the stream will appear and look—enabling you to brand it with the aesthetic of your website.

A social media stream that smoothly integrates into your website is the result.


You can quickly put lovely widgets on your website using EmbedSocial without having any technical knowledge.

It offers formal API connections to all significant social media platforms and content-creation tools that link users’ user-generated content to their websites.

With just one click, you can display your Facebook posts, mentions, videos, and hashtag feed from any social network on your website, thanks to the comprehensive WordPress plugin EmbedFeed.


You can quickly curate and keep an eye on the aggregated feeds you want to show on the website using Tagembed’s moderation panel.

Utilizing our finest social media aggregator tool, the tool compiles proper social feeds from all social platforms into a widget using hashtags, handle, page, profile, mention, list, etc., to display on the website.

You can boost engagement and conversions with hashtag walls, hybrid or virtual event social walls, social media displays, brand social media hubs, staff engagement, and boards.

You may gather and display the most significant articles, pictures, or videos from the most well-liked social networks and other sources with the social aggregator program.

Option 2: Embed TikTok videos manually

How do you embed a native TikTok video on your website?

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the TikTok app from the relevant app store.

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application on your web browser or go to

Step 2: Launch the video you want to embed (or copy-paste an URL from the video)

Step 3: Click the ‘Get embed code’ option in the corner of the video display card containing the sharing buttons.

Step 4: Select the ‘Copy code’ button to copy the HTML code to your clipboard

Step 5: On your website, open the page where you want to embed the video

Use the HTML Gutenberg block or the Code editor to put the embed code on WordPress websites.

Step 6: Paste the code and select ‘Preview’ to ensure the video is shown appropriately.

Step 7: Click ‘OK ‘, ‘Update’ or ‘Save’ (depending on the CMS)

Step 8: Enjoy your embedded TikTok video!

Once you place the video on your website, it will be shown with attributions such as video creator, video description, and original sound. Additionally, it will connect back to the same video inside the TikTok app.

Please note that if a video is deleted from the TikTok app, the embedded version on a website will also be removed.

You can embed any TikTok video in beautiful web widgets. This implies that account access is not required, but the video URLs must be added manually.

Benefits of embedding TikTok videos

Users can improve the impact of the videos by adding engaging components like music, filters, backdrops, etc., by embedding TikTok videos.

To increase conversions and maximize profitability, marketers have started integrating TikTok Video into various marketing touchpoints, including websites.

Why be concerned about embedding?

You first need to know that there are other ways to share your movies than embedding your TikTok feed. You can use those downloaded videos on your website to make them appear as native videos by removing the TikTok watermark from your content.

Additionally, you might distribute them using your preferred local social networking sites.

It is important to note that there is nothing to be concerned about when using content embeds to build an exciting area of your website. Instead, it will give you the following advantages:

1. Make your webpage more interactive and fresh

The benefit of TikTok video embedding is that you can stop worrying about the content of your website. It keeps your website updated and optimized, so visitors always find something new.

Visitors to your website will enjoy the perfect vibrancy and buoyancy from TikTok’s images.

2. User Experience and SEO

Adding videos to your website may enhance the time visitors spend on your site, decrease your bounce rate, and raise your click-through rate.

Think about getting your website’s SEO boosted when you upload videos. It would lengthen visitors’ stays on your website, improve click-through rates, and decrease bounce rates. 

3. Content Generated by Users

User-generated content is gold for marketing. Consumers are increasingly giving blatant advertisements the side-eye out of mistrust. You may utilize your website’s TikTok videos with user-generated content as social proof.

4. Enhance the engagement rate of your website

TikTok videos immediately capture the attention of viewers that visit your website. Hence, they stay longer on your website and keep coming back to interact more, increasing the dwell time and engagement rate like never before.


Although TikTok is growing increasingly appealing to consumers, it is still unknown ground from a marketing perspective. We hope this article helps you discover the unrecognized benefits of embedding TikTok videos on the website 


Social Media Aggregator – Everything About It

There’s no doubt in the fact that social media is a part of everybody’s life. Even your customers are spread across various social media platforms and are possibly posting everything from what they are eating to what they are shopping for on their social accounts.

They could also be using your products and posting about them. And this very content of your brand is what is going to attract more customers.


You ask why? Because users trust what other users are saying about you instead of what you’re saying about yourself. If you are wondering how you can leverage this user-generated content (UGC), then social media aggregators are your answer.

In this article, we will talk all about social media aggregators – from what they are and how they benefit you to the top social media aggregators of 2022. Let’s begin – 

What is a social media aggregator?

A social media aggregator is a tool that helps you pull content from various social media platforms and curate it into a single feed. This tool also allows you to publish this feed on various marketing channels, including websites, emails, digital screens, and more.

social media aggregator

Social media aggregator tools are popularly used to curate user-generated brand content from social media so that the brands can leverage that content for marketing and promotions. 

How does social media aggregator work?

Social media aggregators support integration with various social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin are some of the popular platforms. However, it should be noted that not all social media aggregators may support all such platforms. 

Once you have linked your aggregator to your required social media accounts, you’ll have the option to customize the feed that the tool will generate. You can change the layout, colors, and design of the feed to make it match your brand.

social media aggregator

Then, you can generate a custom link that you can use to embed the feed on your website. The social media aggregator also lets you moderate and filter the content, generate analytics reports to understand the performance of the feed and provide you with additional maintenance options.

How to choose a social media aggregator for your business?

It is important that you choose the right social media aggregator so that your business needs are answered, and you benefit from it for a long time.

social media aggregator platforms

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while selecting a social media aggregator –

Social media platforms:

Since there are billions of social media users spread over different social media platforms, you want to ensure that you are not missing out on any UGC content.

Therefore, check all the social media platforms supported by the aggregator tool you are considering. It should support a maximum of the social media platforms.


Customization options allow you to make your aggregated social feed attractive as well as interactive. Therefore, look for a social media aggregator that allows you to change the colors, fonts, layout, themes, and background of the feed.

Also, look for options that permit you to add links and CTA buttons to your posts.

Content moderation:

Content on social media can be both good and bad for your brand. You, obviously, can’t risk having anything bad or inappropriate pop up on your social feed.

Hence, opt for social media aggregator that supports content moderation. This will ensure that the curated feed is filtered and only displays quality content that will actually benefit your brand.

Rights management:

Privacy and security of social media users are of utmost importance. Social media platforms also now have stricter policies.

Given this situation, it is important that you first gain legal rights before using users’ content on your brand’s marketing channels.

social media aggregator

The rights management feature can help you do just that by directly gaining the rights from users to repurpose their content. Therefore, check for this feature in the aggregator tool you are considering.


You need analytics to understand the performance of your social media feed. A social media aggregator tool that can generate reports about user engagement levels, impressions, clicks, and more will help you understand how well your social feed is performing and what more you can do to improve the metrics.

Hence, go for a social media aggregator that comes with a performance analytics feature.

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What are the benefits of using a social media aggregator?

Social media aggregators have the following benefits to offer:

Saves time and effort:

To leverage user-generated content on social media, one needs to find and collect that content. This, of course, would take hours if done manually.

Fortunately, social media aggregator tools can find UGC and curate it into a beautiful feel within minutes, helping you save your valuable time and efforts.

Builds trust and authenticity:

Customers trust user-generated content more than what the brand says about itself. So, no matter how good and unique your ads are, your visitors are still looking for reviews and recommendations from your existing customers.

It is this user-generated content that is helping you build that trust and authenticity. So, keep your focus on effectively leveraging UGC.

Encourages audience engagement:

Social media feeds and walls attract audiences. Pictures demonstrating how people are using the products become inspirational, and viewers interact with the content.

Moreover, social walls during live events kindle an urge among the audience to get featured on the screen. It makes them create more live posts, which, in turn, increases user engagement.

Makes the feed creative:

When you collect content from social media, you collect content from hundreds and thousands of users. This brings diversity and uniqueness to your curated social feed.

You also get the option to look for a certain type of content, for example, content related to a particular occasion, by using hashtags and keywords to curate the content.

Helps identify social media trends:

There are new trends going viral on social media every day. It’s important that you stay on top of them to stay relevant amongst the users.

Curating content using social media aggregators can help you with that. You can pull the latest content using trending hashtags and display them on your feed.

Which social media aggregators are best for marketers in 2022?


The social media aggregator, Idukki, helps you leverage the content created by your customers. It collects UGC from various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

This tool also helps you gain legal rights from the customers to repurpose their content.

Idukki - social media aggregator

The curated wall can then be embedded on the homepage of the website, product pages, checkout pages, abandoned cart emails, and social ads. You can also use this tool to conduct performance analytics of your social campaign.


Juicer is a social media aggregator tool that helps you aggregate your brand’s hashtags and social media posts into a social feed.

It automatically imports the latest social media from the connected social media accounts and displays them on your website in the form of a social feed.

social aggregator tool

It allows you to set up filters, moderate posts, and analyze your social media engagement.

Embed Social

Embed Social is a user-generated content platform that helps you generate social media feeds, reviews, stories, and photos and embed them on your website.

It generates embeddable code that works on any web platform that supports Javascript.


It offers mobile-friendly widgets that fit any device size and digital screen. You can even customize these widgets to make them match your brand.


Flockler helps you display user-generated content on your website. It helps you gather Instagram images, Tweets, Facebook posts, and more and display them on any digital screen.

flockler - aggregator tool

It allows you to select hashtags, usernames, and pages on social media and uses them to gather the content. It also enables you to display curated content in various layouts such as a wall, grid, carousel, and slideshow. is a social wall solution compliant with GDPR and CCPA. It supports integration with various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, and Reddit.

social aggregator tool

You can use this tool to either manually or automatically moderate content on the curated social wall. This tool allows you to insert call-to-action buttons on your post to link the content to certain pages on your website.


TINT is a user-generated content platform that helps collect and curate UGC into a social feed. It helps you request and obtain legal rights from the users to repurpose their posts.


It also allows you to style the UGC to match your brand by customizing themes, fonts, templates, and more.

Using this tool, you can embed the curated UGC feed on the website, digital screen, emails, and more, and then monitor the performance metrics using the analytics dashboard.

The Wallrus

The Wallrus is a social signage solution that helps you display a live social feed on any digital screen, television, or projector. It helps you pull user-generated content from Twitter and Instagram using hashtags.

It features a theme editor, which allows you to create your own social feed design. It also offers a library of themes for you to choose from for your feed.

This tool gives you the option to integrate more social media platforms that you can pull UGC from.


User-generated content feed is the perfect way to leverage the content your customers are creating about you. This not only attracts new customers but also makes your existing customers heard.

So, get your hands on a social media aggregator now and up your marketing game.


Instagram Wall: How And Why Should You Use Them?

Are you looking for ways to jazz up your website? Are your users posting about you on Instagram? Are you looking for new ways to engage your website visitors? If yes, then Instagram Wall is your solution.

Instagram Wall will make your website attractive and engaging. It will captivate your audience and will also help increase your Instagram following. If you are not sure how all of this is possible, then continue reading to learn more about Instagram feed Walls.

What is Instagram Wall?

An Instagram post Wall is basically a type of social wall or a feed of Instagram posts that you can embed on your website. You have different options for what you can display on this wall:

Instagram wall

Instagram feed Walls will automatically pull content from Instagram based on specific hashtags or accounts you’ll select and will generate a wall for you to display on your website. 

However, in order to do so, you’ll need a social media aggregator that will help you generate the wall and automatically sync the content on your website.

One such social media aggregator is Idukki which will collect user-generated content from Instagram using hashtags, mentions, or tags and will automatically curate a customizable Wall for you.

How to use an Instagram Wall?

You have many options where you can display your Instagram Wall. These include:

Instagram feed wall for web pages

You can display your Instagram social media Wall anywhere on your website. You can display it on the home page, product pages, or even on the checkout page of your website. It will help keep your website visitors engaged and will amplify the performance of the website with more and more time spent on the site by visitors. 

Instagram wall on website

Instagram wall for virtual and hybrid events

You can integrate it into your virtual, hybrid, and live streaming events to make them even more engaging. You can make your wall interactive and impressive for your event attendees by showcasing real-time posts of the event, user-generated content, or hashtag campaigns. 

Instagram wall for any digital screen

Jumbotron, projector screens, TV screens, or mobile phones – it can be displayed on any of these screens. Such screens can be put up during offline events or in the offices to keep the event audience and employees at the office engaged and motivated by displaying user-generated content. 

Instagram Wall at event

Instagram feed for online store

You can even put up an Instagram post Wall on your online or eCommerce store. You can display the posts wherein your customers or users are using your product and then link those products to their respective product pages to make the wall interactive. It will also help you increase your conversion rate.

Instagram wall on eCommerce

What are the benefits of the Instagram feed wall?

An Instagram feed wall can benefit you in the following ways:

Gives access to engaging content

Instagram is known for its engaging content. Users are not just using it to showcase their personal life events; they are using it to share the experiences that they have with brands. They even share the ways they use certain products. And they are doing so in an entertaining and engaging manner. By putting up an Instagram Wall, you get the chance to leverage this content to keep your audience engaged.

Builds trust and credibility with UGC

Trust and credibility are of extreme importance for any business or brand, and putting up digital screens at events and stores is one of the popular marketing tactics to build this trust. By displaying UGC or hashtag campaigns on these walls, you give your visitors a reason to trust you. They also get a chance to see what your existing customers are posting about you.

Builds trust and credibility with UGC

Entertains the audience during offline events

Marketers and event managers struggle to find new ways of making their events engaging and collaborative. Whatever techniques they use are effective only to a certain extent. However, by leveraging Instagram content via digital screens, they get a chance to create buzz on Instagram as well as in the event by showcasing real-time posts and encouraging more and more event attendees to post about the event on Instagram.

Boosts Instagram reach

When you display Instagram content on your website or at an event, you not only tell your audience what your users are posting about you. You also tell them about your Instagram presence. If they find your content interesting and something they can relate to, they will end up following you on Instagram, thereby helping you gain more audience and increase your Instagram reach.

Increases SEO ranking

One of the many factors that Google looks at for its search engine result pages (SERP) is the time spent on the site. When website visitors spend a lot of time on a website, it sends Google a signal saying that that particular page has relevant content that users are finding useful, and thus, Google ranks it higher.

By integrating engaging Instagram content on your website, you give your website visitors something to engage with. When they spend a lot of time interacting with that content, it increases the time spent on the site, which in turn increases the SEO ranking.

What are the common features of the Instagram Wall?

Most Instagram Walls have the following set of common features to offer:

Responsive theme: Allows you to display your wall on any screen and device of any size, such as a webpage, projector screens, and mobile phones, without any change in the quality of the visuals.

Content moderation: This gives you the right to filter and block inappropriate content based on predefined rules that will help exclude posts with certain words, tags, and images. 

Real-time content update: Keeps the UGC wall updated and features real-time Instagram posts on the wall to keep the content fresh.

Wall design templates: Offers Wall templates of various styles and categories for you to choose from and customize them as per your branding guidelines.

Instagram Wall analytics: Analyzes the performance of the wall – viewer count, clicks, follows, etc. and generates reports for your easy access.

What are some examples of the Instagram Wall?

Instagram Wall can be used in many different ways, and here are some examples of them:

Classic Wall: The most common type of Instagram wall wherein you can display user-generated content to show off your existing customers’ views on your products and services. 

Hashtag Wall: This type of Instagram Wall allows you to pull Instagram content using certain hashtags. It is the most beneficial to use if you are running a hashtag campaign and want to showcase posts of that particular hashtag.

Celebrity Wall: If you are lucky enough to have celebrity customers, then you can use this type to showcase celebrity content relevant to your business.

Contest Wall: This type of wall is useful in increasing engagement, and it allows you to run contests wherein you can have your customers create posts about your products based on contest rules. 


Since Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms, it only makes sense to leverage the content that your customers are generating on it about your brand. Those posts created by your users act as social proof of your business. When you showcase such posts on your website in the form of an Instagram Wall, you give your website visitors a reason to trust you. As these walls can be responsive, you also get more engagement and increase your conversion rate. 


5 Tools To Embed Instagram Stories On A Website

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. It’s addictive, and it won’t be wrong to say that almost everyone is putting up their life experiences on it. These life experiences are not limited to users’ personal moments but also include their experiences with brands and their products and services.

Users post on Instagram about the products they like. They talk about the brands they appreciate. They even urge their followers to trust their opinions. All of these posts are called user-generated content (UGC), which brands like you can leverage. All you have to do is collect these posts and put them up on your website.

instagram stories

However simple the process of leveraging UGC, you need some tools to do the job. The market is loaded with software solutions that can help you embed Instagram Stories on your website, but how do you know which software to trust? 

To help you out, in this article, we have listed 5 top tools that can help you embed Instagram Stories on website. But first, let’s look at some basics —

What Is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is an in-app Instagram feature that allows the users, such as you, to share photos and videos that are available just for 24 hours. Once the 24-hour duration is over, the shared photos and videos automatically disappear. 

Instagram Stories On website

Instagram Stories don’t appear on the feed but on the top of the homepage with a colorful ring around the profile picture that the followers can tap to view the Story. You can share multiple photos and videos and add filters to them, draw on them, add text over them, or insert elements such as music, stickers, polls, and much more.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Stories Into A Website?

Embedding Instagram Stories on the website has the following benefits:

Increases brand awareness: Instagram Stories on a website act as a window to your Instagram account. Your visitors will know that you have an active Instagram account, and they will see the type of content you post there. If they find that interesting, they may also follow you on Instagram, thereby increasing the reach of your Instagram content.

embed Instagram stories

Saves Instagram stories: Unlike Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories get automatically deleted after a 24-hour duration, and then there’s no way to bring the content back. However, embedding these stories on a website acts as a way to save them. Even if the Stories are gone from your Instagram profile, they will still be visible on your website and you’ll continue to benefit from Stories’ engaging content.

Builds social proof with UGC: Website visitors trust what your existing customers have to say about you more than they will ever trust what you say about yourself. Displaying user-generated Instagram Stories about you or your products on your website will help build that trust amongst your website visitors. 

Increases user engagement: Instagram Stories are not just a way to help your website visitors reach your Instagram account or see what other people say about you. These Stories can help your visitors reach and explore your products and interact more with your website. You can tag the displayed products and link them to your online store to build a path for your visitors to reach your products.

Makes the website vibrant: Instagram posts on the website add colour and vibrancy to the web pages. They add various elements and show customer experiences, brand journeys, brand messages, and social acceptance of the brand. All of this makes the website even more attractive and engaging.

instagram stories

Tools To Embed Instagram Stories To A Website?


Idukki is a user-generated content platform that helps collect and embed Instagram stories on the website. It also helps to collect content from more than 15 platforms. This tool can collect content using hashtags, mentions, and tags. It also has rights management capabilities that can assist you in getting the rights of the posts from their creators.


The feed curated by Idukki can be displayed anywhere on the website. Some possible locations are the home page, product page, and checkout page. The feed can also be displayed on abandoned cart emails and social ads. You have the option to tag the products showcased in the posts. You can also track the performance of the feed, views on the feed, user sentiment, conversion, and more.

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Juicer’s social media aggregator helps you curate social media content in one place. You can use this tool to curate images, posts, and hashtags from 15+ social networking sites, including Instagram. The curated content can then be embedded or displayed on your website. These displayed Instagram stories are customizable so that you can make them match your brand. 

idukki - ugc tool

This tool comes with an Instagram feed moderation feature. This feature lets you review each post manually so that only the approved posts are displayed on the feed. You can even set rules and filters to automate the process. Some examples of posts that you can filter are profanity, duplicate posts, and inappropriate content.


Curator is a social media aggregator that helps collect and display social media feeds on any website. It pulls selected posts across multiple social media accounts and displays them in the form of a feed which can be customized and embedded on websites. This tool can be used to pull content from Instagram along with various other social media platforms. 

embed Instagram stories

It has a three-step installation process: Connect your Instagram account, customize the feed, and copy and paste the embed code. It has analytics and reporting capabilities that can help you see how many people have seen and interacted with your curated feed. 


The social media aggregator platform, Tagembed, helps you create and publish Instagram stories on your website. You can use this tool to collect, moderate, and display Instagram Stories content on your website in the form of a social widget.

You can also convert your social media feed and user-generated content into a shoppable social feed by tagging the products and linking them with your eCommerce site or online store. You can even use this social media aggregator to collect content generated from your hashtag campaign. This tool can also curate content from other social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

Embed Social

Embed Social is a user-generated content platform that helps generate social media feeds, reviews, stories, and photos and embeds them on any website. This tool helps you display Instagram Stories widgets on your website. It automatically syncs updates every time you add a photo to your Instagram Story.

add Instagram stories

You can tag products, add call-to-action buttons and buy links to Instagram Stories and allow your website visitors to interact and directly purchase the products showcased in the Story. This tool also gives you full flexibility in managing the display and looks of the Instagram Stories on your website. You can customize attributes such as sorting and autoplay. The widgets created by this tool are mobile-friendly. 


Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to leverage user-generated content. That is why you need to be careful while selecting tools to embed Instagram Stories on your website. Most of the tools offer different pricing plans that include different features. Before investing, thoroughly check all the plans and find the one that best fulfils your needs.


Guide To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Connecting your website to your social media platforms can help you achieve goals faster. Especially in today’s scenario, social media platforms play an integral part in every business’s success. The most widely used social media platform is Instagram, among others, and it’s entirely free. Believe it or not, if you embed Instagram feed on your website, it reshapes your brand.

Don’t miss out; it’s the right time to get on track. If your Instagram feed is relevant to the content on your website, you should surely connect the two. Whether you sell products, provide services, or are an influencer/content creator, you must have an Instagram feed embedded on your website.

What Is Instagram Feed?

Your main Instagram profile page and the photos and videos you upload there are referred to as your “Instagram Feed.” Your followers will see these posts, as well as anyone who follows the hashtags you use on your post.

Following hashtags is another wonderful technique to get your feed posts discovered by new people. You may get your content in front of more people by adding hashtags relevant to your business, industry, or content.

embed instagram feed on website

People are increasingly turning to Instagram first when researching a new company or brand rather than Google or the company’s website. In that sense, your Instagram profile is the face of your business or brand. 

Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Embedding Instagram feed on a website is simple and effective. There are numerous ways to add your Instagram feed on website, but we’ve compiled a list of the two most clear and simple options for your convenience.

1. Social Media Aggregator Tools

Social Media Aggregators or user-generated content platforms are incredible tools that have revolutionized the marketing world by making it simple to improve the visual appeal of your website/online store. Marketers can use a social media aggregator to collect, curate, and customize their social feeds across many networks.

instagram feed on website

The collected feeds are then displayed as a single feed on the user’s preferred website or online store to build trust and increase engagement.

2. Instagram Feed Apps

Instagram Feed Apps are also the most preferred choice for online merchants. All credit to their easy-to-use interface and features that help in adding functionality and engagement to the store.

These apps provide you with an easy embedding process, and all you need to choose is the best solution provider that matches your brand.

Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

1. Idukki 

Idukki is the best Instagram aggregator tool for embedding Instagram feeds into your website. Connect your Instagram account to Idukki, select a media such as hashtags (#), handles (@), mentions, tags, and so on, and the aggregator will gather all of your chosen Instagram content on one screen.


You may also utilize its advanced moderation tool to filter out irrelevant or repeated information and control what appears on the page. Not only that, but you can also customize your feed to make it more colourful and appealing to website visitors. Themes, layouts, fonts, colors, templates, and other options are available. 

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2. Tagembed

Tagembed includes an Instagram aggregator that allows you to extract content from Instagram and edit it before displaying it on your website, removing any undesired or irrelevant content. You may personalize your Instagram feed with banners, designs, layouts, and themes, among other things.

Because the integration is code-free, you won’t need any technical knowledge to get started. You also get analytics to help you better evaluate the performance of your Instagram feed widget, optimize the content, and engage website visitors.

3. SnapWidget

A simple tool for collecting Instagram feeds with usernames and hashtags is SnapWidget. With a few basic configuration options, you can simply change your Instagram feed so that it appears on your website as a grid pattern, responsive slideshow, or photo map.

instagram feed

You won’t need to keep refreshing your website thanks to this practical application’s quick updates. Although it takes a while for the content to load, the website’s creative layouts and designs capture visitors and boost website engagement.

4. Flockler

An Instagram widget can be stored on your website with the help of the Instagram aggregator Flockler. You can start with a 30-day trial that is free. To fully complement your website, you can build your Instagram widget in a variety of layouts.


Additionally, you can edit the widget with colors, fonts, banners, and whatever else our platform has to offer before uploading the widget to your website. Both the setup and the integration are uncomplicated. Flockler is ideal for increasing website dwell time and boosting conversions.

Embed Instagram Feed – Instagram Official Embedding Option

An embedding feature is available on Instagram. Unlike other embedding options that enable you to embed a whole Instagram gallery on your website, this one only allows you to embed a single post at a time.

The integration is easy, though. To access an options box, simply open the article you wish to embed in a browser and click the three dots in the upper right corner.


Select “copy the embed code” and then put the code in the desired location. It is considered to be the simplest embedding technique.

How To Embed Instagram Feed On Different Website Building Platforms 

The perks of embedding an Instagram feed on your website are significant. It not only allows visitors to see your most recent Instagram posts, but it also adds social proof to your online store.

Here are a few ways to embed Instagram feeds on your website and engage your audience on different platforms:

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress 

You’ll need to install a “plugin” to add any additional functions that aren’t included in your WordPress theme. There are many plugins available for displaying your Instagram feed on your website. Many are free, while others require a purchase to unlock more features. The steps are as follows,

instagram feed on wordpress

To begin, log in to your WordPress site and select “Plugins” from the left-hand sidebar.


  • “Add New” will appear.
  • Search for a specific plugin by name in the “Search Plugins” box, or search “Instagram feed” to uncover a plethora of plugin alternatives.
  • Click “Install Now” when you find the one you want.
  • Click “Activate” once it’s been installed.
  • Then, in the left-hand sidebar, go to Plugin to finish the setup.

Embed Instagram Post On Shopify

Shopify offers a Facebook channel tool that allows business owners to link their Instagram accounts to their products. Anyone can use it to integrate their Instagram feeds into their Shopify store by following these simple steps:

instagram feed on shopify
  • To start, you’ll need a Shopify account.
  • Then, on the left column, you’ll notice Sales channels; click the + button.
  • Select the Facebook channel from the dropdown menu.
  • The Facebook shop, Instagram shopping, and Facebook market are the next three alternatives. 
  • Then, in the Instagram shopping area, select “Start setup.”

Also, note that Shopify requires you to have a professional Instagram account at this point. There are also some other requirements before you may proceed. After you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to create your own Instagram feeds.

Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace

It’s actually quite simple to integrate your Instagram feed into Squarespace. To begin, make sure your Instagram account is linked to Squarespace. Here are the steps:

instagram feed on squarespace
  • First, edit a website or a post on which you wish your Instagram feed to appear.
  • Select Instagram from the menu by clicking an insert point.
  • Select the Account tab once you’re in the block editor.
  • Add an Instagram account and complete the authorization procedures.
  • Choose the number of things you’d like to see.
  • Select a design from the Design tab.
  • Configure your display options
  • Finally, to save your changes, click Apply.

You’ve now successfully embedded your feed into your Squarespace site. Every time you update your Instagram, the Instagram Blocks function will instantly sync your feed with your website.

Embed Instagram Post On WIX

Squarespace has Blocks, while WordPress has plugins. Wix has Apps which are a combination of the two. Wix produced some Apps (similar to Squarespace blocks), while others were created by other parties (similar to WordPress plugins).

Instagram feed on wix

Log in to your Wix account first. Then:

  • In the Editor, select “Add Apps.”
  • Look through the apps and select the one you want by clicking the Plus icon next to it.
  • If you don’t see it, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click “Browse our App Market” to look for more.
  • Click “+Add App” after selecting the app you want.
  • You must connect your Instagram account after you’ve added an app for your Instagram feed. 

App for Instagram Feed:

Click “Settings,” then “Connect Instagram.”

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

Add an Instagram feed to your website to reap the following benefits:

  • Increase revenue and sales.
  • Increases the time visitors spend on your website.
  • Improve website conversion rate.
  • Build trust and promote your brand.
  • Increase user participation.
  • Boosts the visual appeal of your website by displaying authentic data. 

Adding Instagram to your website is not as difficult a task as it first appears. There are a lot of social media aggregators available, and Idukki is one of the best and easiest solutions for businesses of all sizes. Please contact us if you require any information about the features and functionalities.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is the most popular and easiest way to interact with your followers and enhance brand visibility. Consider the aforementioned steps to add your Instagram feed to the website and discover its advantages of it. If you’re still puzzled, don’t worry because Idukki is here to assist you.

User-Generated Content

9 Top Performing UGC Platform of 2022

Today’s generation is posting everything on social media. Rainy day – there’s a snap on Snapchat; exploring a new cafe – there’s a story on Instagram; a new piece of clothing – there’s a review on Facebook. You get the idea!

This content of brands that the customers are generating can be extremely beneficial to you. These images and review posts are after all talking about the products that brands like you are producing. Without having to spend any money, you have images and videos talking about your products. All you need to do is just get the rights to reuse them and display them on your website.

To do so, you can use the UGC platform. UGC software or user-generated content platforms help you collect these posts from various social media channels, obtain rights, and display them on your marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ve listed the top 9 UGC tools that you can use.

What is UGC?

User generated content (UGC) is any piece of content that is created by customers and posted on any social media platform. This type of content can include images, videos, blogs, reviews, a testimonial, or even a podcast.

ugc platforms

Some of the social media channels that UGC is posted on are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. It can also be said that the UGC is any content that is not produced by the brand itself. 

What are the benefits of a UGC platform?

UGC platform has the following benefits to offer:

Builds authenticity: Since the buyers are now more than ever selective about the brands they interact with, having user generated content helps gain attention. It acts as modern-day word of mouth and helps build authenticity.

Grows community: UGC gives customers an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the brand’s success. It also acts as a conversation channel between the brand and consumer and helps build an engaged community. Sharing the customer’s content also strengthens the audience-business relationship.

Acts as a trust signal: Consumers trust content created by customers more than content created by the brands. Consumers trust UGC the same way they trust the opinions of their friends and family. Therefore, leveraging UGC can help brands build trust as it acts as a form of personal recommendation.

Increases conversion: UGC has great influential powers, especially in the final stages of the buyer’s journey where the brand is trying to convince its audience to make a transaction. Therefore, embedding UGC on checkout pages, for example, presents social proof that the product is worthy. 

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Which are the top UGC platforms?


Idukki is a UGC platform that lets you leverage content created by your customers. It collects content from various social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It uses hashtags, mentions, and tags to collect the content.

Its rights management option helps you obtain the legal rights of the content created by the customers so that you can repurpose that without any issues. 


The collected content is then curated and displayed in the form of a feed on the home page, product page, checkout page, abandoned cart emails, and social ads. With Idukki’s moderation feature you can remove spammy content.

You have the liberty to customize your feed to match your brand. The displayed products can be made shoppable and linked to their respective product pages. You can also track campaign performance, views, user sentiments, conversion, and more to optimize your campaign and maximize ROI.

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Trend. io is a user-generated content(UGC) platform. It has a curated group of content creators who can fulfil your video and photo needs. The creators can also help you generate web, email, ad, and promotional content. All of the generated content is fully licensed so it is ready for any channel. Once you publish your content needs, the creators pitch you, so you get to pick the creators you want to work with. 

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This tool empowers you to control the narrative. It lets you create the conversations via creators which lead to other consumers and product users mentioning your brand and generating content. This tool lets you stay in touch with the creators via messaging and enable you to generate the exact amount of content you need and pay just for that. 


Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that enables you to showcase customer photos and videos in the form of galleries across your website. You can display these UGC galleries on the homepage, category pages, product pages, or checkout pages.

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You can tag customers’ Instagram photos to showcase them on your visual galleries or request and secure rights to customer content. You can also capture photos within your review request emails or encourage your customers to submit photos directly on site along with reviews. 

You can customize the galleries to match your brand and even create UGC galleries for each product, line, or the collection and display them anywhere on your website. With its analytics feature, you can understand where your best-performing photos are coming from and how they affect you.


The UGC platform Tintup helps you store, organize, search, customize, edit, and repurpose owned and earned content. It collects photos and videos from social media and builds a library of user-generated content for you to customize and repurpose.

It assists you in obtaining legal rights to use images. Its artificial intelligence search feature scans the UGC library and recommends high-performing content. Its object recognition technology automatically finds and tags objects. 

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This tool allows you to customize assets to match your brand. With its image editor, you can crop, resize, enhance colors, apply filters, add text, stickers, and more to the images. It also lets you create dynamic content including GIFs, Instagram stories, and more.

To publish UGC, you can just copy embed links to publish directly on the website. This tool can be integrated with tools such as Slack, Dropbox, and Facebook.


Olapic is a user generated content and content marketing platform. It makes it easy to display customer and brand photos, videos, and influencer content across all marketing channels.

It collects content via hashtags, mentions, tagged images, and influencers and curates it while ensuring quality using human moderation and AI technology. You can request and secure rights to visual content. 

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You can then publish the collected visual content across all your marketing channels. The tool’s analyzing features help you understand how your images, videos, and people are performing and comprehend engagement metrics and generated revenue. This tool is suitable for apparel, travel, beauty, retail, home, and auto industries. 


The shopper engagement platform Bazaarvoice helps you collect, display and distribute user generated content. It collects visual content from social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and more and displays them in the form of customizable and shoppable carousels and gallery pages.

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You can integrate images and videos from influencers, customers, partners, and your own accounts throughout your website.

The tool automatically determines a user’s location and serves them with localized product information. Its lazy loading feature optimizes the UGC product galleries and only displays it when it’s ready to be used which helps in reducing the overall page weight.

Its bulk request workflow lets you send permission requests to feature others’ images and videos on your site.


The visual user-generated content tool Stackla helps you discover, curate and display user generated content on your websites, emails, social media, ads, and more. This tool sources content from 25+ social networking sites some of them being Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

You can use hashtags, keywords, geo location page, profile, direct upload, and much more to aggregate content. 

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This tool’s visual recognition technology automatically identifies and auto-tags over 11,000 objects, scenes, events, emotions, and brands in UGC visuals. It is powered by artificial intelligence which helps moderate the content for you. You can also send media requests to turn earned media into owned assets. 


Pixlee is a social user generated content, rating and reviews, and influencer marketing platform. It helps you discover user generated content on top social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. It also lets you source ratings and reviews from shoppers and build a community with community Q&A, check-out comments, and site reviews.

You can also discover top-performing influencers in your community and identify the best creators for your campaigns.

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Its visual search, smart tagging, and AI recommendation engine features let you access top-performing content quickly. Its influencer CRM, link tracking, and campaign tools let you manage influencer content and results.

You can publish this UGC content on your eCommerce channels and also localize and personalize this content with translation and smart tagging. 


The user generated content platform Photoslurp allows you to integrate user generated content such as photos and videos into the eCommerce store. This UGC acts as a social proof that drives conversion and engagement.

This tool automatically collects and curates user generated content from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

You also have the option to make all the content shoppable as this tool features image recognition algorithms. It automatically recognizes products from your catalog in your customer’s photos and creates a link. This tool also lets you request media rights from content authors.

It has an analytics site that you can use to understand the impact of your UGC campaigns such as conversion rate, interaction rate, and revenue generated through UGC. 


User generated content is only going to increase and so will its influential powers. The above-mentioned UGC tools will help you leverage this content type to grow your business. However, before selecting a tool for your business, thoroughly analyze your business needs and then look for a tool that fulfills all your needs the best.